May 26th, 2004


postery. (and some shameless self promotion)

i made this website: for the band i recently started screaming for, prevail. check it out if you like heavy things and strange boys jumping up and down.

"the queen" says i should post this, it doesnt really have a title...and it sucks, but whatever its 3:15 am and i lack the strength to care...wrote it like...a day ago:

please adjust your tuning, the frequency is thin, my voice is scratching like a record needle's end, ive grown weary of the speakers persistent drone, the vinyl's chipping as the sound starts to sink in. but this tune, it never quite gets through unless i write it down and scream it back to you. this is me...subdued. it gets harder to still my hand when my heart directs which way it moves. listen to the storm as it cuts through the signal. the beat replaced by the drops on your window pane. remember my voice every time it rains. remember face every time you turn away.

also, hope you like the community icon/animation...i may have had something to do with that, too.

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Ok, ok! This is Lizzy. I have created this community for all. Please post anything your crazy mind thinks up. It can be completely tasteless. It can be a fucking masterpiece. Have fun with it.

Just please no porn or anything. That would be lame.



PS. Also try to keep things that are not behind tags to a reasonable size.