tuo edisni and umop ap!sdn (lipsandthighs) wrote in choseslaides,
tuo edisni and umop ap!sdn

"I want to find someone to hold me at night. Maybe someone in New York. I'll find him on the street. We'll just walk up to each other like it was meant to be. We'll walk to Union Square Park and we'll ride our bikes and take crazy pictures, running in circles around the city. We'll find all the best views to enjoy and the best places to hide. We'll find each other over and over. We'll know it like the back of our hands. I'll find him. "

I wrote that a while ago, probably in november or december. So I want to rewrite it but I am not sure if it would really be right. I'm a huge romantic and even though I don't think I would be looking in NY or anything, I still think it's a beautiful idea. And also highly metaphorical. Yet not too far off. Anyway.
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